Monday, 29 June 2009


I get why I run so much now. Cause my body would get so tired, just for that few minutes, I stop thinking, about you.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

You know something?

my life sucks and I don't know why I'm trying to live up to it.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


With Nadal out of the way, Federer easily claims the French Open title with a straight set victory over Robin Soderling. I was quite amazed when I checked the scores the day Nadal striked out. Most of all, he was creamed by an anonymous atp ranked 25th Soderling. At least some people lose with pride, unlike a certain American tennis player, whose name starts with an Andy and ends with a Dick. You don't have to raise ur temper against the umpire when your obviously getting outstroked by a frenchman? KYAHMON, you have a fast serve, doesn't mean its a 'no can defend' serve.
HO-SEH! Fuck, my english getting bad...
I gots me a PONYTAIL! my first ponytail, Im gonna name it perky, though its not so perky.
Guess WHO's DITCHING ME FOR ENGLAND? EHEM *cough cough cough* ann....cough cough....abelle.
I need a job, I think. maybe I should work at Cyprus, the lan shop. But yet again, it might have been taken already. I mean, who doesn't want a job at the lan shop? its so slack. You practically sit there all day long and sign ppl in while collecting money, when no one sign's in, you just play free games. its easier than a desk job at my dad's place and, I get to eat boon tong kee chicken rice next door.
Whats better, is that I am within walking distance to great world city.
OH YEA! the guy running the lan shop looks like COACH BEN! but super stoner and less insulting.

Friday, 15 May 2009

gym gym gymbee!

guess my 2.4 timing? 10.41, knn miss the 'A' mark by 20secs, I swear, I was dying with a pace 15 on the threads, but everything seemed so much faster with a 15 pace. A 13/12 pace is like gruelling and long, but a 15 is like, woah, fast. I just need to hang on the 15 mark a little longer to get an 'A'. what else can I cheapskate off to get an 'A'?
sit-ups, sit and reach, standing broad jump(maybe), pull-ups will get me a 'D' but if I work on it, I'm pretty sure a 'C' will be in order.
here comes the scary part, shuttle run, have to be 10.2secs to get 'A'. but whats fucking dumb is, a 'C' is 10.4secs. So, it just shows how retarded some standards are set. The difference between an 'A' and a 'C' is 0.2secs which will probably come from the delayed reaction of the test conductor, as the test result is always derived from an unreliable source which has a high chance of a 0.3 sec chance of delay due to human reaction. if u dun get this, I'll explain it in simpler terms.
I run 10.0secs flat
Ah Huay runs 10.0 secs flat as well
I get some old dude timing my run, who has a 0.5 sec human reaction time.
Ah Huay has a young dude timing his run, who has a 0.3 sec human reaction time.
Ah Huay gets a 'B' grade with a 10.3 sec run, and I get a 'C' with a 10.5 sec run.
This should so be my bio coursework/IOP.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I used to have a problem

had a fight with my parents, came outta the house for some fresh air.
then decided to run, but didn't want to do laps.
so I put on my trusty nano, and ran as far as I could.
it wasn't very far, but I kept running.
till I couldn't run no more,
as though sadness,
shortened the time and energy that fueled my will to run.
Maybe it was just my mind, telling me, not to run too far,
not to get lost.
I reached this overhead bridge, across a hawker center.
It was 12:00 a.m
I sat down on the steps, crying, as the cars passed by.
Somehow, it gave me peace, the sound of the slow, soothing wind that the turning wheels brought along.
It was relieving, and my crying stopped.
the sound, the brush, of the very slight and gentle breeze
was just like a person, sitting next to you
trying to comfort you but, there were no words to explain,
no words to understand,
just, air, to feel and to hear, accompanied by engines and gear shifts.
I enjoyed this relief, every moment of it.
This is what my sorrow is worth.
I got up, and walked back.
The run was fast, but the walk was long.
The walk back, was strange and confusing,
like as though, I had never been here, but the slight twitch of the memory
brought me back home.
I wasn't afraid to run too far, I wasn't afraid to get lost.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Somebody's very blind today

The match, went okay, played for like 30 mins and nearly scored. However, we have unprofessional ref's, hired by the rugby union, to call for imaginary knock-on's. Well woop-deee-dooo, congrats, maybe if the ref's mom was any smarter, she wouldn't have given birth to a blind ass-face aspiring to be a referee.
Therefore, if the ref was not blind, I would have scored, with an excellent sidestep to finish with a fatass grabing my back while I dived for the try line.
Many thanks to Johnny, for the pass after commiting the last defender.
I just realise that I spent the whole day at home, watching shit for nuts on my com, which is, rather relaxing.
I also just realised, the high amount of comma's I have used in this passage, which is rather disturbing.
Thing's I've learned today: slacking is efficient without mom/dad in the house. Sleeping in the TV room is efficient without my brother in the house.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

HI MUCHACHOS, i feel like i owe you guys a zillion apologies for being so lazy and neglecting my blog. so lately life has been alright...we lost the rugby match to jurong by a teensy but so yeah that doesnt count:) though this coming week we have a match against nationaljc! woots. okay so actually i created a xanga account but that's still under going construction. i tell you the features of xanga are KICKA55!